Rainbow Snake Amigurumi Free Pattern: Crochet Your Colorful Companion!

Welcome to our colorful crochet world! Dive into the joy of crafting with our free Rainbow Snake Amigurumi pattern. This delightful project is perfect for both beginners and experienced crocheters alike. With vibrant colors and simple stitches, you’ll create a charming serpent friend that’s sure to brighten anyone’s day. Whether you’re making it for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, this whimsical amigurumi will bring smiles and warmth wherever it goes. Let’s grab our hooks and yarn, and let the rainbow magic begin!

List of Materials Needed: 

Plush yarn (I use Himalaya Dolphin baby): main color (for the head and tail) – less than half a skein, scraps of various colors. 

A small amount of YarnArt Jeans yarn or similar: black for eyebrow detailing. 

Thin cotton yarn (embroidery floss can be used) in the head color for eye weighting. 

Crochet hook suitable for plush yarn (I use size 4). 

Safety eyes with a diameter of 12-14 mm (I use 12). 


Sewing needle, stitch marker, scissors. 


MR – Magic ring 

SC – Single crochet 

INC – Increase 

DEC – Decrease 

HDC – Half double crochet 

SS – Slip stitch 

FLO – Front loop only 

BLO – Back loop only 

Ch – Chain stitch 

Rep – Repeat 

[ ] – Repeat instructions within brackets as directed 

The toy is crocheted in one piece. Only the mouth is sewn on. With medium crochet tension and using a 4mm hook, the toy measures approximately 140 cm. 

Let’s start crocheting! 


Rainbow Snake Tutorial 

Crochet begins with the head using the main color yarn, stuffing as you go (the head should be firm, and the body should be of medium density): 

Round 1: 8 SC in MR. (8) 

Round 2: 2 INC, 5 SC, 4 INC, 5 SC, 2 INC. (26) 

Rounds 3-8: 26 SC (6 rounds without changes) 

Round 9: 4 SC, 8 HDC INC, 14 SC. (34) 

Round 10: 4 SC, [1 HDC INC, HDC] x 8, 14 SC. (42) 

Rounds 11-17: 42 SC (7 rounds without changes) 

Insert the eyes between rounds 8 and 9, with a distance of 8 SC between the eyes. 

Round 18: [5 SC, DEC] x 6. (36) 

Round 19: [4 SC, DEC] x 6. (30) 

Round 20: [3 SC, DEC] x 6. (24) 

Next, the rainbow part of the snake begins. Change colors every 2-3 rounds as desired. 

Rounds 21-190: 24 SC (170 rounds without changes). 

Then change the color back to the main one. 

Round 191: [2 SC, DEC] x 6. (18) 

Rounds 192-194: 18 SC (3 rounds without changes). 

Round 195: [7 SC, DEC] x 2. (16) 

Round 196: 16 SC. 

Round 197: [6 SC, DEC] x 2. (14) 

Round 198: 14 SC. 

Round 199: [5 SC, DEC] x 2. (12) 

Rounds 200-202: 12 SC (3 rounds without changes). 

Round 203: [4 SC, DEC] x 2. (10) 

Rounds 204-205: 10 SC (2 rounds without changes). 

Round 206: [3 SC, DEC] x 2. (8) 

Rounds 207-208: 8 SC (2 rounds without changes). 

Round 209: [2 SC, DEC] x 2. (6) 

Round 210: 6 SC. 

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing. Hide the thread inside the toy. 


Crochet turning rows with the main color yarn. 

Round 1: 8 Ch, starting from the second chain from the hook, work 7 SC, Ch 1, turn. 

Round 2: 7 SC, Ch 1, turn. 

Round 3: 7 SC, Ch 1, turn. 

Round 4: 7 SC, Ch 1, turn. 

Round 5: DEC, 3 SC, DEC, Ch 1. 

Round 6: DEC, 1 SC, DEC. Fasten off. 

Finishing Touches 

Weight the eyes as shown in the photo. Insert the needle into point 1 under the head, come out at point 3, insert it at point 4, come out at point 2. Tighten. Insert the needle at point 1, come out at point 5, insert it at point 6, come out at point 2. Tighten evenly. Hide the threads inside the toy. Sew the mouth: place the edge of the mouth against the row where the weighting was done. Sew it halfway. Embroider the eyebrows. 

Your rainbow snake is ready! 

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