Flower Girl Amigurumi Free Pattern

I am sharing unique amigurumi doll patterns for you free of charge. You will love this wonderful amigurumi flower girl pattern.


sc single crochet

inc increase

Dec decrease

Sl-st slip stitch

ch, chain

dc double crochet

hdc half double crochet

dcinc double crochet increase

hdcinc half double crochet increase

( … ) *6 do the numbers in parentheses 6 times

A list of materials
Threads used:

Hair yarn art Jeans 07

Ten peria baby soft cotton no 17

Dress Dark Green peria 42

Dress Light green peria 20

Dress Off-white peria 1 O

Dress cherry etrophil bambino 70308

6 different shades of pink for flowers

Threads I use for eyes:

Crochet 1.5 no.

Black small amount of peria or gazzal

White small amount of peria and gazzal

green gazal 3456

green fairy 28

Note: first we knit the body and the dress of the doll … After dressing the dress, we sew the head to the body..


1 )4 chains starting from the second loop 2sc, 3sc)sc into the same loop, inc=8sc

2)inc,sc,3inc,sc,2inc =14sc


6)2inc, 12sc=16sc


8)2dec, 12sc=14sc

9)dec, 12sc=13sc

10)( dec,2sc)*3,sc= 10 sc

11) ……… 33)10sc

Note ; only the tip of the arm has fiber

We make a set of wires when knitting the body …


with skin color

1) 6ch, 4sc,(4sc in same place), 3sc,inc(13sc)

2)inc, 3sc,4inc,3sc,2inc(20sc)

3)sc, inc,3sc,(sc, inc)*4.4sc, inc,sc, inc(27sc)

4)2sc, inc,3sc,(2sc, inc)*4.5sc,inc,2sc, inc(34sc)

5)3sc, inc,3sc, (3sc, inc )*4.6sc, inc,3sc, inc( 41 sc)

We cut plastic according to the base ..

6) blo 41sc

7) 8)9)10)41sc

11)12sc,dec,sc,dec,4sc,dec,sc,dec, 15sc(37sc)

12)8sc,(dec,sc)3,(sc,dec)3, 11sc(31sc)

13)7sc,7dec, 10sc(24sc)

14)( 4sc,dec)*4(20sc)

15 ……… 36)20

37)make 5inc front center for knee(25sc)

38)do 3dec at center back (22sc)

39) do 2dec in front center (20sc)

40 ….. 54)20sc

First leg done…

We knit the same on the second leg.


1) join the two legs with 4 ch in the inner middle (the loop marker must be in the back center)

Pull 4ch, 20sc (1st leg), 4sc on ch, 20sc (2nd leg), on 4sc ch (48sc)

2)(7sc, inc)*6(54sc)

3) …….. 16)54sc



19) ……… 32)(42sc)

33) at this time, we attach the sleeves with 2sc on the sides, 19sc in the front, 19sc in the back (42sc)

34)knit the remaining loops on the sleeves(54)

We attach the wire







41 …. 44)18sc


Let’s use 1 crochet half a size larger than the crochet number used in the torso.

with base color

1) 6ch, 4sc,(4sc in same place), 3sc,inc(13sc)

2)inc, 3sc,4inc,3sc,2inc(20sc)

3)sc, inc,3sc,(sc, inc)*4.4sc, inc,sc, inc(27sc)

4)2sc, inc,3sc,(2sc, inc)*4.5sc, inc,2sc, inc(34sc)

5)3sc, inc,3sc, (3sc, inc)*4.6sc, inc,3sc, inc( 41 sc)


7) bbp 41 sc (for bbp, you can check youtube Sevgidoluorguler channel)

(note 6.7. Let’s do a round of sl-st with a different color)

8)9)10)11 )Put on your shoe color 41 sc mark should be in the back center, otherwise take it

12)14sc,3dec, 1sc,3dec, 14sc(35) (1sc should be front center)

13) 13sc, turn 1ch (turn knitting to other side)

14) Skip 1 stitch, 21sc,dec, turn 1ch

15) Skip 1 stitch, 8sc,dec, 9sc,dec, turn 1 ch

16) 19sc, turn 1ch

17) Skip 1 stitch, 16sc, dec, turn 1 ch

18) 17sc,1ch turn

19) Skip 1st, 14sc,dec, turn 1ch

20) 15sc, turn 1ch

21) 15sc

22) continue without turning, make a row of single crochets all around the shoe (including the front)


With dress color (cherry)

1) pull 25 ch backwards, start from 2nd stitch 24sc, turn

2)24sc, 1 chain turn (24sc)

3) 24inc, 1 chain turn (48inc)

4)48sc, 1 chain turn (48sc)

5) 7sc, 7ch skip 10sc, 14sc ,1ch skip 10sc, 1sc, 1ch turn

6) 1sc (42sc) in each loop (on the chain)


9)3sc,(inc,6sc)*5,inc,3sc (48sc)

10) ……. 16)48SC, SL-ST

Combine the two ends with sl-st, we continue to knit the skirt of our dress without cutting the rope.

We draw 2 chains at the beginning of the row

1 )(3dc in each stitch,. …. “”repeat the whole row(144dc)

2) ……. 7)each stitch1dc 144dc)

8)flo 1dc(144dc) in each stitch

9)blo(3chain,2sl-st, .. )”repeat entire row (cut rope)

10) attach green yarn to the blo of the row 1dc into each stitch

11 ) …… 14) 1 dc in each loop (cut the green thread)

15) 1 dc in each loop with ecru

16)17)18) 1 dc in each loop

19) blo (3chain, skip 2sc, 2sl-st, 3chain skip 2sc, 2sl-st, ….. )

20) into 3 chains in bottom row ;(dc, 3ch pull sc into bottom)*3,sc over bottom row sl-st) * entire row

21) 19. Repeat the 19th and 20th rows with ecru yarn on the flo of the row. Done.. You can sew the opening on the back..

sleeve of the dress
1) We attach the dress color to the sleeve opening of the dress, subtract 20sc

2)3)4)5) Knit 4 rows of 20sc

5)(5sc,inc) *3.2sc =23sc

6) 7) 2 rows of 23sc

Dress color Bring the rope forward and wait

8) Attach ecru color to blo 23sc

9) 3 chains, 3sl-st, 3 chains,3sl-st, …. Cut the rope

With the rope we brought forward, the whole row is connected to the flo (sc, inc) of the 8th row.

10) Sl-st the whole row and finish..


with green

1 )into magic ring 6sc, cut sl-st thread Attach pink rope

2)(2ch, 2hdc to the same place,2ch, sl-st to the other stitch,)*6

Let’s measure the skirt width first for the combination of flowers..

Let’s knit flowers as long as the width of the skirt..

(note; I used 19 flowers for each layer..)

Combining flowers
1 row

We connect the flowers to each other with green rope. Let’s remove 1 loop from the back of the flower petal, pull 1 sc, 2ch, remove the loop from the other flower petal, pull 1sc, 4ch, remove 1sc from the lower leaf, remove 1sc from the 2nd flower, make 1 sc together.

Let’s pull 4ch 1 sc from the top leaf, 2ch, 1 sc from the other leaf….

Blossoms this way. Let’s combine..

Let’s make a circle

2nd Row

Let’s make 2sc into 2ch in the bottom row 1 sc into 4ch, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 dc in between

Let’s make 1 dc 1 hdc 1 sc into the other 4ch

Let’s complete the same process by repeating ..


1) magic ring 6sc

2) 6inc=12sc

3)(sc, inc)*6=1 8sc


5)(3sc, inc )*6=30sc


7)(5sc, inc)*6=42sc

8)(6sc, inc)*6=48sc


10)(8sc, inc)*6=60sc

11 )(9sc, inc)*6=66sc


13) ……….. 29)72sc


31 )(9sc,dec)*6=60sc








Nose 25-26. Next, we process it as 3sc..

The distance between the two eyes should be 2.5 cm.


1 ) 6sc into magic ring

2)blo(inc)*6=12sc, sl-st

3)blo 2 chain,(dcinc)*12, sl-st=(24dc)

4)blo 2 chains (1dc,1dcinc)* whole row, sl-st

S)blo 2 chains (2dc, 1dcinc)* whole row, sl-st

The wig part is finished..

We continue without cutting the rope, we pull 50 chains, we make 49sl-st on it, we fix it on the wig with 1 sl-st.. in this way we make a hair strand in each loop

We make hair strands by skipping 2sc in Flo loops on the wig …

crochet EYE

Crochet no. 1.5

1 )magic ring 8sc with black

2) 4inc with black,5hdcinc with green

3 ) sl-st on black with black

White on green with sl-st done…


Bandana part;

1 )magic ring 2chain, 2dc, pull 3 chains 1sc into the magic ring close the magic ring, turn the braid

2)Turn 3ch, 2dc into 3 ch, pull 3 chains 1 sc into the bottom, turn knitting

3)Repeat Row 2 until you reach the desired length.

Decorate our bandana with dress flowers..

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