Santa Claus And Horse Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amigurumi santa claus and horse free pattern, you can find hundreds of free patterns related to amigurumi on our site.


SC – single crochet

İNC – increase

DEC – decrease

CH – chain

DOUBLE İNC- 3 sc in one loop

Necessary materials

For Santa

1. For the body, flesh-colored, I have YarnArt Jeans (160m in 50g) divided

in half (obtained in 100g-640m), hook 1.25

2. Clothing – Semenovskaya “Lydia” in three additions (50% wool, 50% acrylic in

100g-1613m) (obtained in 100g-540m) red or burgundy.

3 A little white boucle on the decoration of clothes, I have Alpina Baby (50g210m).

4.Little black yarn for mittens and boots YarnArt Jeans divided

in half.

5. filler

6. a little wool for felting white for hair and eyes, a little bit

red and black for the mouth and pupils, a needle for felting.

7.for belt: cardboard, piece of leather, shiny ribbon for decoration

buckles, glue. Wire for the frame.

For a horse:

1.I have YarnArt Jeans brown for a horse and a little gray for

muzzles (55% cotton 45% acrylic (50g, 160m)) divided in half. (in 100g640m),

2. A little red YarnArt Jeans (50g-160m, halved) for a bag with


3. A little black YarnArt Jeans (50g-160m divided in half) for hooves.

4. Filler.

5. a little wool for felting white and gray for eyes, mane,

tail and a little black for the pupils.

6. Ribbon for ties and rhinestones on the bag.

7. Wire for the frame.



flesh-colored hook 1.25 1. type 6 ch. the 2nd loop from the hook 1sc, 3sc, double inc (from one pole. Knit

3sc), on the other side of the tiptoe 4sc. (11), 3sc, inc., 1sc, inc., 3sc, inc. (15)

4.2sc, inc., 3sc, inc., 2sc., Inc., 5sc. (18)

5. (inc., 2sc) -6 times (24)

6. (inc., 3sc) -6p (30)

7. (inc., 4sc) -6p (36)

8-11. 36sc

12. (dec, 4sc) -6 times (30)

13.6sc (dec) -6 times, 12sc (24)

Knit with flesh-colored yarn.

The body from the crown to the legs is knitted in one piece, only shoes are sewn.



1.6 inc. (12)

2. (1sc, inc.) – 6 times (18)

3. (2sc, inc.) – 6 times (24)

4. (3sc, inc.) – 6 times (30)

5. (4sc, inc.) – 6 times (36)

6. (5sc, inc.) – 6 times (42)

7. (6sc, inc.) – 6 times (48)

8. (7sc, inc.) – 6 times (54)

9. (8sc, inc.) – 6 times (60)

10-17. 60 sc

18. (dec, 8sc) -6 times (54)

19. 9sc, (then we knit the nose, start knitting from 3 loops to the beginning of the row on the nose, so

so that 6 decoks in the last row on the nose are below, i.e. above the mouth) 9sc on the head and nose

together, (the whole nasal tying site was 9sc), 36sc over the head. (54)

I drew a little diagram, with which loop you need to start tying your nose, I hope it is clear

20. 54sc

21.10sc, (then grab 1 pillar of the nose and knit together with the pillar of the head),

8sc, (then grab 1 pillar of the nose and knit together with the pillar of the head), 34sc

on the head (54)


23.11sc, (grab 1 pillar of the nose and knit together with the pillar of the head), 7sc, (1

pillar. nose with 1 pillar. heads), 34sc (54)

We stuff our nose.

24.12sc, (2sc of the nose with one pillar of the head), (1sc of the nose with one sc of the head), (1sc

nose with 1 sc head), (2sc nose with 1 sc head), (1sc nose with 1sc

head) -3 times, (2sc of the nose along with the pillar of the head), on the head 34sc (54)

25. (7sc, dec.) – 6 times (48)


27. (6sc, dec) -6 times (42)


29. (5sc, dec.) – 6 times (36)


31.10sc, (inc.) – 5 times (these incavations are for where they should be exactly under the nose, if

does not match, then shift the beginning of the row to the desired number of loops) 21sc (41)


33.dec, 26sc., Dec, 4sc., Dec., 5sc. (38)

34.dec, 25sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 4sc (35)

35.dec, 6sc, (dec.) – 5 times, 5sc, dec., 2sc, dec., 2sc, dec., 2sc. (26)

36.dec., 3sc, (dec.) – 5 times, 2sc, dec., 7sc (19)


38.5sc, (dec.) – 2 times, 10sc. (17)

39.5sc, dec., 10sc. (16)

40.16sc We do not break the thread, we will continue to knit the body.


We shift the beginning of the row by 2 loops.

İncavki is the shoulders, make sure that they are on the sides

41. (inc.) – 2 times, 6sc, (inc.) – 2 times, 5sc, double inc (22)

42.double.incav, 9sc, (double inc.) -2 times, 10sc. (28)

43. ( – 2 times, 12sc, ( – 2 times, 12sc. (36)

44.2sc, (double .inc.) – 2 times, 16sc, ( -2 times, 14sc. (44)

45.3sc, (double .inc.) – 2 times, 21sc, ( – 2 times, 16sc (52)

46.7sc, (double .inc.) – 2 times, 24sc, ( – 2 times, 17sc (60)

47.9sc, (double inc.) – 2 times, 28sc, (double inc) -2 times, 19sc (68)

48.11sc, (doubleinc.) -2 times, 32sc, (doubleinc.) – 2p, 21sc (76)

49.13sc, (doubleinc.) – 2 times, 36sc, (doubleinc.) – 2p, 23sc (84)

50-56. 84sc.

57.7sc., Skip 20 sc (hand), connect the 8th with 29 columns, 22sc, skip 20 sc

(arm), connect 52 to 74 column, 11sc. (42)

we knit a belly

58-59 42 sc.

60.8sc, inc., 10sc, (inc.) – 2 times, 10sc, inc., 8sc, (inc.) – 2 times (48)

61. (7sc, inc) -6 times (54)

62. (8sc, inc.) – 6 times (60)

63. (9sc, inc) -6p (66)

64. (10sc, inc.) – 6p (72)

65. (11sc, inc) -6p (78)

66. (12sc, inc) -6p (84)

67. (13sc, inc) -6p (90)

68. (14sc, inc) -6p (96)


78. (14sc, dec) -6p (90)

79. (13sc, dec.) – 6p (84)

80. (12sc, dec.) – 6p (78)

81 (11sc, dec) -6p (72)

82. (10sc, dec) -6p (66)

83. (9sc, dec.) – 6p (60)

84. (8sc, dec) -6 times (54)

85. (7sc, dec) -6 times (48)

Insert the wire into the head and body. We are stuffing.

divide the knitting into 2 parts for the legs. The first column is connected to the 24th. We knit a leg.

86-95. 24sc

on the remaining columns we knit the second leg similarly to the first. Insert

we stuff the wire.

HANDS (left.right)

primary color

Attach the thread to the left 20 loops of the hand on the body under the arm from the side



4. dec, 18sc (19)


11.9sc, (dec) -3 times, 4sc (16)) these decakes, elbow, they should be with the outside

side of the hand (shown in the photo by an arrow) if not matching, loop


12.9sc, dec, 5sc (15)


Change the color to black (gloves)

21.4sc, inc., 4sc, inc., 4sc, inc. (18)


We shift the beginning of the row by 5 sc, or how much you get, so that the mitten

was in a natural position with respect to the hand.

27.dec, 7sc, dec, 7sc (16)

We insert the wire in both hands, we stuff.

28.dec, 6sc, dec, 6sc (14)

29.dec, 5sc, dec, 5sc (12)

30.dec, 4sc, dec, 4sc. (10)

31.dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc (8)

Dec to the end. fasten the thread. hide


black yarn

2 details

We dial 12 ch

1. knit in the second column from the hook 10sc, double incavka, 10sc on the other side

chains. (23), 10sc, (inc.) – 2p, 10sc (27)

3. (inc.) – 3 times, 10sc, inc., 1 sc, inc., 10sc, inc. (33)

4. (inc.) – 6 times, 12 sc, inc., 1sc, inc., 12sc (41), 8sc, inc., 13sc, inc., 2sc, inc., 1sc., Inc., 12sc (46)

6. 46sc behind the back wall

7-8. 46sc

9.42sc, 4hdc (46)

10.16 hdc, 25sc, 5hdc (46)

11.16hdc, 25sc, 5 hdc (46)

12.16 hdc, 26sc, (dec) -2 times (44)

13. (dec) -7 times, 26sc, (dec hdc) -2 times (35)

14. (dec hdc) -4 times, 25sc, dec (30)

15. (dec) -4p, 22sc (26)


19.7sc, SL-ST leave the thread for sewing. Cut cardboard insoles and paste into

shoes, stuff. You don’t need to sew yet, first we put on panties.


Yarn Semenovskaya “Lydia” in three additions, hook number 1.25

We knit raglan, rotary rows, at the end of each row a lifting loop

1.Type 35 ch

2. starting from the second column we knit 34sc

3.5sc, (inc), 5sc, (inc), 10sc, (inc), 5sc, (inc), 5sc (38)

4.5sc, (inc), 6sc, (inc), 11sc, (inc), 6sc, (inc), 6sc (42)

5.6sc, (inc), 7sc, (inc), 12sc, (inc), 7sc, (inc), 6sc (46)

6.6sc, (inc), 8sc, (inc), 13 sc, (inc), 8sc, (inc) 7sc (50)

7.7sc, (inc), 9sc, (inc), 14sc, (inc), 9sc, (inc), 7sc (54)

8. 7sc, (inc), 10sc, (inc), 15sc, (inc), 10sc, (inc), 8sc (58)

9.8sc, (inc), 11sc, (inc), 16bn, (inc), 11sc, (inc), 8sc (62)

10.8sc, (inc), 12sc, (inc), 17sc, (inc), 12sc, (inc), 9sc (66)

11.9sc, (inc), 13sc, (inc), 18sc, (inc), 13sc, (inc), 9sc (70)

12.9sc, (inc), 14sc, (inc), 19sc, (inc), 14sc, (inc), 10sc (74)

13.10sc, (inc), 15sc, (inc), 20sc, (inc), 15sc, (inc), 10sc (78)

14.10sc, (inc), 16sc, (inc), 21sc, (inc), 16sc, (inc), 11sc (82)

15.11sc, (inc), 17sc, (inc), 22sc, (inc), 17sc, (inc), 11sc (86)

16.11sc, (inc), 18sc, (inc), 23sc, (inc), 18sc, (inc), 12sc (90)

17.12sc, (inc), 19sc, (inc), 24sc, (inc), 19sc, (inc), 12sc (94)

18. 12sc, (inc), 20sc, (inc), 25sc, (inc), 20sc, (inc), 13sc (98)

19. 13sc, (inc), 21sc, (inc), 26sc, (inc), 21sc, (inc), 13sc (102)

20. 13sc, (inc), 22sc, (inc), 27sc, (inc), 22sc, (inc), 14sc (106)

21.14sc, (inc), 23sc, (inc), 3sc, inc., 3sc, inc., 12sc, inc., 3sc, inc., 3sc, (

inc), 23sc, (inc), 14sc (114)

22. 8sc, inc., 5sc., Then we knit the 6th column along with the first sc of the back (i.e.

skip 23 sc., (sleeve)), 2sc, (inc., 9sc) -3 times, inc., 2sc, last column of the back

together with the first shelf (skip 23 sc. (sleeve)), 5 sc, inc., 9sc. (72)


24.8sc, (inc., 8sc) -6 times (78)

25.9sc. (Inc., 9sc) -6 times (84)

26-33. 84 sc. Break the thread, hide.


We knit in straight back rows. At the end of each row is a lifting column. Bind

the thread to the sleeve of the jacket under the armpit.

We knit 15 rows of 23sc.

We tie the edge of the jacket and sleeves with two rows of white fluffy yarn (I have ALPINA Baby).


Yarn “Lydia” in three additions.

Dial 72 ch., Connect into magic ring

1-11. 72sc.

12. (10sc, dec.) – 6 times (66)

13. (9sc, dec) -6 times (60)

14. (8sc, dec) -6 times (54)

15. (7sc, dec) -6 times (48)

16-18. 48sc.

We knit the legs.

19.connect the first column with the 25th column (divided into legs)

Next, in a circle, we knit the first leg, 7 rows of 24sc.

Break the thread, fix.

The second leg is similar to the first.

We tie the bottom of the legs to a white boucle.


We collect 42 sc yarn boucle white


3-7. yarn “Lydia” red 42sc

8. (5sc, dec) -6 times (36)

9. (4sc, dec) -6 times (30)

10. (3sc, dec) -6 times (24)

11-14. 24sc

15. (2sc, dec) -6 times (18)

16-18. 18sc

19 (1sc, dec) -6 times (12)

20-25. 12 sc

26. dec, 4sc, dec, 4sc (10)

27-30. 10sc

31. dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc (8)

32-35. 8sc

36. dec, 6sc. (7)


40.dec, 5sc (6)

Go to the white boucle (pompom)

41. (inc) -6 times (12)

42 (inc., 1sc) -6 times (18)

43-44. 18sc, stuff the pompom

45. dec to the end.

Assembly and design

We make the weight of the bottom gde.


From white wool we twist the balls for the eyes. On the pillow for felting a little

we give them a shape.

We attach blanks to the head and roll

When the eyes become hard enough, roll over the pupils of black wool.

We lay red wool in the mouth.

KNITTED EYES (from the tested toy Punk Irina) white yarn

1.6 sc per ring

2.6 incav = 12 sc

3. 3 incavals, 3 sc, 3 incavails, 3 sc = 18 sc

4. (D, sc) * 3 times, 3 sc, (D, sc) * 3 times, 3 sc = 24 sc

5.24 sc, offset loop

6. (Dec, sc) * 3 times, 3 sc, (dec, sc) * 3 times, 3 sc = 18 sc, sl-st.

Then fill and sew to the head

CENTURY (optional)

1.6sc in ring (6)

2. (inc) -6 times (12)

3. (1sc, inc) -6 times (18)

4. (2sc, inc) -6 times (24)

5-7. 24sc. To sew


We tear off a piece of white wool and roll it under the nose (mustache).

Another beard piece.

Fold in half, roll under gdecoy.

Tack hair

Now curls. For raw cleaning, wind the ends of the hair and beard.

We put on a jacket, sew. We put on panties. We put the legs in the shoes, sew it in. We insert the wire into the cap cap (we’ll leave the end of the wire more authentic so that you can

insert into the head for strength) we’ll slightly cap the cap, do not stuff the cap tail

necessary. Sew to the head.


Cut the buckle out of cardboard, glue it with a shiny ribbon, insert the strap.

Santa is ready!



6sc red yarn in a ring

1. (inc) -6 times (12)

2. (1sc, inc.) – 6 times (18)

3. (2sc, inc) -6 times (24)

4. (3sc, inc) -6 times (30)

5. (4sc, inc) -6 times (36)

6. (5sc, inc) -6 times (42)

7. (6sc, inc) -6 times (48)

8. (7sc, inc) -6 times (54)

9. (8sc, inc) -6 times (60)

10-30. 60sc

31 rows. (3sc, then make a fold (skip 3sc, we knit the fourth together with the first

from missed)) – 8 times, 3sc (35)

32. (2sc, dec) -8 times, 3sc (27)

33. inc in each column (54)

34-38 54sc. Fasten the thread, hide it. Put a little filler in the bag or

large beads, tie a ribbon, glue rhinestones. Sew to the back of the horse.


There are no photos, so I’ll try to describe how I did it.

For the base, I took three old discs. Glued them together

From felt (it is possible from cardboard) I cut an oval in the form of a workpiece from disks.

From white wool she fell slightly (not completely, but so that she only kept her shape).

I glued discs to felt, and a pancake made of wool on top. The edge of the stand pasted

To the grandfather with the horse stood more or less stable, in those places where they

will stand made holes in the wool and glued the feet of the toys to the discs.



2 details

In gray.

We dial 6sc into the ring times (12)

2. (1sc, inc.) – 6 times (18)


We connect the last column with the 9th column.

Fasten the thread, leave the end for sewing.


In gray.

6sc in the ring

1. (inc) -6 times (12)

2. (1sc, inc.) – 6 times (18)

3. (2sc, inc.) – 6 times (24)

4. (3sc, inc.) – 6 times (30)

5. (4sc, inc.) – 6 times (36)

6. (5sc, inc.) – 6 times (42)

7. (6sc, inc.) – 6 times (48)

8. (7sc, inc.) – 6 times (54)


We knit the nostrils

12.5sc along the muzzle and nostril together,

15sc, (5sc along the muzzle and along the nostril together, 29sc (54)

13.5sc across the nostril, 2sc across the muzzle, dec, 7sc, dec, 2sc, 5sc across the nostril, dec, 7sc,

dec, 7sc, dec, 7 sc, dec (48)



15. (6sc, dec) -6 times (42)


17 (5sc, dec) -6 times (36)

18. (4sc, dec) -6 times (30)

19. (3sc, dec) -6 times (24) We stuff

Change color to brown

20-26. 24sc

then we make sure that the incavals are exactly under the head, if it does not fit, we make loops


27. inc., 15sc, (inc.) – 8 times (33)

28.1sc., Inc, 15sc, (inc., 1sc) -8 times (42)

29-32. 42 sc

33. 18sc, (dec) -12 times (30)


35.18sc, (dec) -6 times (24)

36-38. 24sc

39. (dec, 2sc) -6 times (18)

40. (dec, 1sc) -6 times (12) dec before closing

The head is ready!


In brown.

6 sc in the ring

1. (inc.) – 6 times (12)

2. (inc., 1sc) -6 times (18)

3. (inc., 2sc) -6 times (24)

4. (inc., 3sc) -6 times (30)

5. (inc., 4sc) -6 times (36)

6-12. 36 sc

13. (inc., 1sc) -5 times, 26sc (41)

14-16. 41sc

17. (inc., 1sc) -7 times, 27sc (48)

18-24. 48sc

25.3sc, (dec, 1sc) -6 times, 27 sc (42)

26-28. 42sc

29.1sc, dec, 19sc, dec, 18sc (40)

30-31. 40sc

32.1sc, dec, 17sc, dec, 18sc (38)

33. 38sc

34.dec, 17sc, dec, 17sc (36)

35. (dec, 4sc) -6 times (30)

36. (dec, 3sc) -6 times (24)

37. (dec, 2sc) -6 times (18)

38. (dec, 1sc) -6 times (12)

39.dec to the end. Break the thread. Leave for sewing


Dial brown 14 ch

We connect in a ring, knit in a circle.


Further back by turning rows at the end of ch., Turn.

15.7sc, ch, turn

16.6sc, ch, rotation

17.5 sc, ch, turn

18. 4sc, ch, turn


leave the thread for sewing to the head.


Black yarn dial 2 ch

1. In the 2nd column we knit 4 sc, ch, turn (4)

2. (inc) -4 times, ch, turn (8)

3-4. 8sc, ch, rotation

5. (inc) -8 times, ch, turn (16)

6. 16sc, we knit further on the base of the resulting fan 10sc.

7.16sc, 10sc. behind the back wall (26)

8.5sc, (dec) -3 times, 5sc, dec, 6sc, dec (21)

cardboard can be inserted into the sole

9. dec, 9sc, dec, 8sc (19)

10. dec, 8sc, dec, 7sc. (17)


12. dec, 7sc, dec, 6sc (15)


We continue to knit on the hoof with brown yarn.


14.dec, 6sc, dec, 5sc (13)

15.9sc, (dec) -2 times, (11) decakes should be behind the hoof. If necessary, do

offset loops.

16-20. 11sc

Next we knit the joint, located behind.

We knit in straight back rows, at the end of the row ch, turn

The beginning of the row is shifted by 2 columns, ch, turn

21. skip the first column, 4sc, ch, rotation

22. first sc skip, 3sc, ch, turn

23. first sc skip, 2sc, ch, turn

Knit in a circle

24.2sc, 3sc downhill, 6sc on the foot, 3sc downhill (14)

25.3sc, dec at the fold, 4sc, dec at the fold, 2sc. (12)


29.1sc, dec, 4sc, inc., Inc., 3sc. (13)

30.7sc, inc., 4sc (14)

31.7sc, (inc.) – 4 times, 3sc (18)

32. 18sc

33.9sc, (inc) -4 times, 5sc (22)


35.1sc, (inc.) – 3 times, 10sc, dec, 6sc (24)

36. 3sc, SL-ST, ch, rotation

37.15sc, SL-ST, ch, turn

38 14sc, SL-ST leave thread for sewing. to stuff


We knit up to the 25th row as the right one. Next, slightly increase the joint height

26.3sc, ch, rotation

27.3sc, ch, rotation

28.3sc, continue in a circle

(dec) -2 times, 4sc, (dec) -2 times (11)

29. dec, 3sc, dec, (inc) -2 times, dec (10)

30.5sc, (inc) -2 times, 3sc (12)

31.6sc, (inc) -3 times, 3sc (15)

32.1sc, dec, 5sc, (inc) -2 times, 5sc (16)

33. (dec) -2 times, 4sc, (inc) -2 times, 6sc (16)


35.1sc, inc., 6sc, dec, 6sc (16)

36. (inc) -3 times, 5sc, (dec) -2 times, 4sc (17)

37. (inc) -6 times, 4sc, (dec) -3 times, 1sc (20)

38.5sc, inc., 14sc (21)

39.5sc, inc., 1sc, inc., 8sc, dec, 3sc (22)

40.6sc, (inc) -4 times, 8sc, dec, 2sc (25) SL-ST.

41.16 sc, SL-ST, ch, turn

42 16sc, SL-ST. Fasten the thread, leave the end for sewing.



We knit up to 14 rows as back

15. dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc (11)

16.8sc, dec, 1sc (10)

17-20. 10sc

21.2sc, 4dc, 4sc (10)

23-24. 10sc

25.1sc, inc., 4sc, inc., 3sc (12)


27.2sc, inc., 5sc, inc., 3sc (14)


29.1sc, SL-ST, ch, rotation

30.7sc, SL-ST. Fasten, leave for sewing.


We knit 28 rows as the first leg

29.10sc, SL-ST, ch, turn

30 7sc, SL-ST. Tear off the thread, leave the end for sewing.


2 details.

We dial 12ch. Knit around the chain

Starting from the second column

1st row. 2sc, 2hdc, 3dc, 2hdc, 1sc, in one loop (SL-ST, ch, SL-ST) further on the other side


1sc, 2hdc, 3dc, 2hdc, 2sc (23)

2nd row. 11sc, inc., 11sc (24). Fasten, leave the end for sewing.


We insert the wire into the head, neck, body. Sew the neck to the head, stuff it,

sew to the body

Insert the wire into the legs. sew the hind legs in the region of the 7th row of the body, the front

area 33 rows of the body. Ears on the 3-4th row until closing of the loops of the head.


From white wool we twist small balls of different sizes (one eye is larger,

another smaller one) lightly roll them with a needle for felting, give shape to the pillow

for felting. Then put on the head and roll to the end. When the eyes

become hard enough, roll pupils from small balls of black


Muzzle for mouth

Make a fold at the bottom of the muzzle. We fasten with several stitches.

nostril tightening

We introduce the needle, tighten so that the nostrils are flattened a little.


We tear off a small piece of gray wool, roll the mane, bangs, tail.

The horse is READY!

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