Christmas Tree Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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The Christmas tree turned out to be ~ 50 cm high

It took me a whole bobbin of yarn ~ 130m, plus 1/2 skein of yarn of a different color and a little metallic for shine

Used hook 6

The basis of the Christmas Tree is a cardboard cone (everything is simple, twisted from a sheet of paper and glued together) * it is not stable without support

Knitting process:

The basis of the Christmas tree is a knitted cone

  • knitted in a spiral, without connecting rows, marking the beginning of each row with a marker

1) knit 6 SC in a ring

2)6 SC

3) in each column of the previous row we knit 2 SC – a total of 12 SC

4) we knit without changes

5) we knit without changes

6) 1 SC, increase (2 SC in one loop), continue to the end of the row – a total of 18 SC

7) no change

8)2 SC, increase, continue to the end of the row – a total of 24 SC

9) no change

10) 3 SC, increase, continue to the end of the row – a total of 30 SC

11) no change

12) no change

13) 4 SC, continue to the end of the row – a total of 36 SC

14) no change

15) no change

16) 5 SC, continue to the end of the row – a total of 42 SC

  • We knit in this way to the desired height, at the end we do not cut the thread, but proceed to the next step


1) dial 6 CH

2) in the 2nd loop from the hook, knit 1 SC, then in the following loops – 2 HDC and 2DC

3) then knit 2 connecting posts and dial 6 CH again

4) repeat this knitting of branches to the end of the row

Christmas tree branches

1) Dial 6 CH

2) In the 2nd loop from the hook, knit 1SC, then in the subsequent loops – 2 HDC and 2 DC

3) So knit the braid of the required length

  • Be sure to strip the braid so that the branches become even


The most difficult and time-consuming stage

1) You can sew the braid to the knitted cone of the Christmas tree both from the crown and from the bottom, as convenient (I started from the crown)

2) For sewing used a thick needle and knit yarn of the same color

After we sewed all the braid from the twigs, we make a cardboard cone and put a Christmas tree on it


  • It is necessary to knit a round bottom stand of the desired diameter and sew


At this stage, BEAUTY, the Christmas tree is fluffy, is confident

It remains to show imagination and decorate it

  • on my Christmas tree wooden toy pendants painted with pearl paint and beads glued to a glue gun

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