Little Car Amigurumi Free Pattern: Crochet Your Adorable Miniature Ride!

Rev up your crochet hooks with our amigurumi free pattern to create your very own Little Car amigurumi! Whether you’re a crochet enthusiast or a fan of all things cute, this pattern offers a fun project to bring a tiny vehicle to life. Stitch by stitch, craft your own adorable miniature car, perfect for imaginative play or as a charming addition to your decor. Join us on this crafting adventure and let’s crochet our way to creating a lovable little ride!


– Lace/1ply yarn Pehorka Successful (100% Mercerized cotton 50g\220m) (main color 

and for the windows) or any other yarn leftover and suitable hook size. 

– Lace/1ply yarn Vita Pelican 100% double mercerized cotton, 330m\50g 

(for the whites of the eyes) 

– Beads for eyes 4 mm. 

– Hooks size 1.25 mm and 1 mm 

– Fiberfill 

Sewing needle 

– Wooden stick for stuffing 

– Scissors 

– Acrylic paints for tinting eyes 

– Keychain fastener or brooch 

You are welcome to take any yarn, the main thing is to choose the appropriate hook size. 

Note that the size of the toy will vary depending on the yarn weight and the size of the hook. 

When working with the recommended yarn, the height of the toy is about 5 cm. 

This pattern does not contain crochet lessons. For working on this pattern, basic crochet skills are required. 

All pieces of the toy are crocheted in a spiral, unless otherwise indicated. Make extra stitches if necessary. 

For convenience, use a stitch marker or a thread of a contrasting color. 

Difficulty level: beginner. 


MR – magic ring 

ch – chain 

sc-single crochet 

dec – decrease (2 sc together) 

inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch) 

sl st – slip stitch 

BLO – back loops only 

* – number of repetitions 



1. ch11, start on the second chain from the hook: 1 inc, 8 sc, 4 sc in the last chain, on the other side of the chain: 8 sc, linc = 14 sc 

2. (1 inc, 10 sc, 1 inc)*2 = 28 sc 

3.28 sc 

Change color to gray or another one of your choice for the color 

of the windows 

4. BLO 28 sc 

5-11. 28 sc (7 rounds) 

Change color to the main. Before changing color, I make one extra stitch so that the place of color change is exactly on the side. 

12.28 sc 

13. (1 inc, 12 sc, 1 inc)*2 = 32 sc  

14. (1 inc, 14 sc, 1 inc)*2 = 36 sc  

15. (1 inc, 16 sc, 1 inc)*2 = 40 sc  

16-20.40 sc 

21. (2 dec, 12 sc, 2 dec)*2 = 32 sc 

Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a long end for sewing pieces. 

Stuff, fold in half and sew up the opening. 

Using the main yarn, embroider the stands. 

Eyes (make 2) 

1. 6 sc in a MR 

2. 6 inc = 12 sc 

3. (1 sc, 1 inc)*6 = 18 sc 

4. 18 sc 

Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a long end for sewing pieces. 

Sew the eyes inside out. 

Sew on beads, embroider eyebrows and mouth. 

Embroider the taillights with red thread, and decorate the wheels 

with black thread. 

If desired, you can tint the eyes. I do this with oil pastels. Sew on a fastening for a brooch or keychain. 

Our little cars are ready. 

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