Nurse Doll Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

You are at the right address for free amigurumi doll patterns. amigurumi nurse doll pattern is with you in this article.


What do we need:

White, black, flesh, brown, gray yarn

Hook for the selected yarn

Safe eyes


Needle for stitching parts


Ch – air loop

Sc – single crochet

İnc- increase

Dec – decrease

Blo – we knit by the back wall of the loop



1.6sc into magic ring

2.6inc, total 12

3. (1sc, 1inc) x6, total 18

4.blo 18 sc


6.5sc, 4dec, 5sc, total 14

7.5sc, 2dec, 5sc, total 12

Change color if necessary

8.blo 12sc

9-25. 12sc (17 rows)

We knit the second leg in the same way and do not cut the thread, we continue to knit the body


26.2ch, connect the legs (put a marker)

We knit 12sc, and in 2ch, which we did at the beginning, we do 2sc and repeat until the marker,

total 28sc

27. (6sc, 1inc) x6, total 32

28. (7sc, 1inc) x6, total 36

29-31. 36sc, change color if needed


33. blo 36sc

34. (4sc, 1dec) х6, total 30sc

35-36. 30sc

37. (3sc, 1dec) х6, total 24sc

38-43. 24sc

44.2sc, 1dec (in the center of the body do 1sc in flesh color), total 18sc

45.1sc, 1dec (in the center do 3sc in flesh color), 12sc total

(change to flesh color and don’t cut the thread)


we continue in flesh color


47.12 inc total 24

48. (3sc, İnc) х6 total 30

49. (4sc, İnc) х6 total 36

50. (5sc, İnc) х6 total 42

51. (6sc, inc) х6 total 48

52. (7sc, inc) х6 total 54

53-63. 54sc

(insert eyes between rows 53 and 54, approximately 11 sc between)

64. (7sc, 1dec) x6 total 48

65. (6 sc, 1dec) х6, total 42

66. (5 sc, 1dec) х6, total 36

67. (4 sc, 1dec) х6, total 30

68. (3 sc, 1dec) х6, total 24

69. (2 sc, 1dec) х6, total 18

70. (1 sc, 1dec) х6, total 12


Pull, cut and hide the thread

hair and “bumps”:


1.6sc into magic ring

2.6inc, total 12sc

3. (1sc, İnc) х6 total 18

4. (2sc, İnc) х6 total 24

5. (3sc, İnc) x6 total 30

6. (4sc, İnc) х6 total 36

7. (5sc, İnc) x6 total 42

8. (6sc, 1inc) x6 total 48

9. (7sc, linc) х6 total 54

10-19. 54sc (10 rows)

20. (7sc, 1dec) х6, total 48

Leave the long end of the thread to sew on to the head, do not stuff


1.6sc into magic ring

2.6inc, total 12sc

3. (1sc, İnc) х6 total 18

4. (2sc, İnc) х6 total 24

5-8. 24sc

9. (2sc, 1dec) х6, total 18

Leave the long end of the thread to sew to the head, stuff a little

Hands X2:

starting with flesh color

1.4 sc into magic ring

2.4inc, total 8

3-10. 8sc (8 rows)

Change to T-shirt color

11-17. 8sc (7 rows)

Cut the thread and leave no fill


1 piece.

in gray

27 ch (approx), trimmed

2 detail

With black thread, we make 5sc into magic ring, and sew 3 detail to one end of the first part.

We knit 7 ch with a black thread, cut off the thread, sew with the middle to the second end of 1 part.

At the bottom of the pants (row 8), we attach a thread of the same color and knit sc in a circle doing the same on the sleeves (row 10) do the same on row 33 of the body.

on the neck, we embroider the neck of the T-shirt or we also knit sc.

pocket is optional, but if you want 7 ch, from the second loop from the 5 sc hook, turn and repeat this way 2 or 3 times (5sc total) embroider the nose in the center, 2 rows below the eyes

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