Free Spiderman Amigurumi Pattern: Weave Your Own Web-Slinging Hero!

Calling all Spiderman fans and crochet enthusiasts! Our free Spiderman Amigurumi pattern is your ticket to crafting your very own web-slinging hero. Whether you’re a seasoned amigurumi artist or a beginner, this project is designed to bring Spidey to life. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a lovable Spiderman amigurumi that’s sure to swing into your heart. So, grab your yarn, hooks, and let’s embark on this amazing amigurumi adventure!

Materials and Tools 

Hook # 1.75 

Red Yarn Art Jeans # 26 

Black Yarn Art Jeans # 53 

Blue Yarn Art Jeans # 47 

Felt for decoration, you can use 



sc : Single Crochet 

inc : Increase 

dec : Decrease 

tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet 

st: Stitch 

dc : Double Crochet 

hdc: Half Double Crochet 

sl-st : Slip Stitch 

ch : Chain 

FLO : Crochet into front loops only 

BLO : Crochet into back loops only 



in red 

1р.5ch, from the second loop from the hook, inc, 

2sc, 4sc in 1 loop, 2sc, inc 

2р. inc, 4sc, 2inc, 4sc, inc 

3р.1sc, inc, 5sc, inc,1sc, inc, 5sc, inc 

4р. 2sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 6sc, inc 

5-6рр. 24sc +1sc forward displacement 

7р. 7sc, 5 dec, 7sc 

8р. 6sc, 3 dec, 7sc 


10р. in blue for the rear half loops 16sc 

11-18 pp. 16 sc for the front half-loops of the 10th row, knit 16 hdc in the same way we knit the 

second leg, connect the legs with 3 ch 


19р. knit 16 sc along the first leg, 3 sc along the chain, 16 sc along the second leg, 3 sc along the 


20р.16 sc, inc,1 sc, inc,16 sc, inc,1 sc,inc 

21-22рр. 42 sc 

23-24рр. red 42 sc 

Next, we will knit in two colors, then what will be blue in brackets (___) 

25-26рр. 4 sc , (10 sc ),11 sc , (10 sc ), 7 sc 

27р. 4 sc, (3 sc, dec, 5 sc),11 sc, ( 4 sc, dec, 4 sc), 7 sc 

28р. 4 sc,(3sc, dec, 5 sc),10 sc, (3 sc, dec, 5 sc), 6 sc 

29р. 4sc, (9sc),10 sc, (9 sc), 6 sc 

30р. 4 sc, (3 sc, dec, 4 sc),10 sc, (3 sc, dec, 4 sc), 6 sc 

31р. 4 sc, (8 sc),10 sc, (8 sc), 6 sc 

32р. 4 sc, (3 sc, dec, 3 sc), 10 sc, (3 sc, dec, 3 sc), 6 sc 

33р. 5 sc, (5 sc),12 sc, ( 5 sc), 7 sc 

34р. 6 sc, ( dec,1 sc),14 sc, (1 sc, dec), 8 sc 

Then we knit only in red. 

35р. 6 sc, dec,14 sc, dec, 8 sc 

36р. 30 sc 

37р. 6 sc, dec, 13 sc, dec, 7 sc 

38р. 6 sc, dec, 12 sc, dec, 6 sc 

39р. 5 sc, dec, 11 sc, dec, 6 sc 

40р. 2 sc, dec 

41р.18 sc 

42р.18 inc 

43р. (5 sc, inc)* 6 time 

44р. (6 sc,inc)* 6 time 

45р. (7 sc,inc)* 6 time 

46р. (8 sc, inc)* 6 time 

47-55р. 60 sc 

56р. (8sc, dec)* 6 time 

57р. (7sc, dec)* 6 time 

58р. (6sc, dec)* 6 time 

59р. (5sc, dec)* 6 time 

60р. (4sc,dec)* 6 time 

61р. (3sc,dec)* 6 time 

62р. (2sc, dec)* 6 time 

63р. (1sc, dec)* 6 time 

64р. 6 dec 


(2 times) 


1р. 6sc in MR 

2р. 6inc 

3р. 1sc,inc 

4-5р. 18sc 

6р. 4sc,dec 

7р. 3sc, dec 

add blue 

8-17р. 3 scred, 

6 sc in blue, 3 sc in red 

Further only in red 

18-21рр. 12 sc 

22р. 6 dec 


From felt (foamiran), cut 4 parts of the eyes, 2 black and 2 white. 

if you can’t draw, you can print the picture or translate it from the screen (as I did)) So that the 

felt does not sag, go over the details with the overcasting seam. Sew the white piece to the black 


To embroider a spider web 

use a thin black thread. If not, you can split the jeans yarn and use it. 

We embroider the spider with black thread Glue or sew on the eyes. 

I glued it with hot glue. 

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